Businesslike Charity?

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GroenGemak may seem like an odd combination of motivation from ideals with a company-like approach. Let us explain that.

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GroenGemak is a company. A small one, so it does not need much to survive, but nevertheless it will ask for payment for services rendered.

This may seem to be in conflict with the postive motivation from ideals, but we do not think that such a conflict exists. By working commercially, we ensure that our work can survive in the long run, where it would otherwise be put off because everyday chores take over. Internet is full of examples of people who started something with the best of intentions, but without finding the time to finish it -- usually because they have to make aliving, raise babies and so on.

This is why we charge a modest fee for our services. Of course we do not act as die-hard commercial basterds; we believe that we can add so much value that we will easily be worth the money. This is what we always aim for, because it is the best possible way to get our ideals spreard.