A modest PC for everyone

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After a few years of investigations, GroenGemak does its first move to reduce energy expenditure of computers. We developed a small series of HOME COMPUTERS ON 7 WATT, which are now available for public sale.

Keywords: energy habitat


The hardware has specifically been selected for its low energy consumption, without noisy parts like fans and hard disks. The computer actually performs its tasks in total silence. The software is easy to operate, making it a very suitable learning environment for children and older users, but at the same time it officers suitable facilities to satisfy more demanding users. We would like to welcome you in the store so you can establish this independently.

Computers cause quite a bit of anxiety as a result of expensive licenses, virusses and spam. All this is well-contained with the software provided, without any need to subvert to illegal software. This computer leads to far less frustrations in all these areas than the heavier machines that chain stores prefer to sell.

A last remarkable point about this computer is that it is available in 2 seconds from its sleeping mode. This means that it is practically achievable to always have a computer ready, literally at the press of a single button. The same button brings the computer back to sleep mode in 1 second. Such a fast sleep mode is actually usable in practice; instead of switching off only the monitor, you switch the PC to sleep which takes the monitor down with it.

Package sold: Computer, mouse, keyboard, LAN-cable.
You just add: Internet, monitor or a TV with VGA-input.
Energy use: Peak 7 Watt, sleeping 4 Watt. At 5 hours of peak use each day that totals to 40 kWh a year. To compare: It is common for a PC to require 80 Watt, leading to 215 kWh in that same year.
Connections: Network, VGA monitor, sound, 4x USB 2.0, Parallel, 2x RS-232.
Internet: Web browsing, email, chat, blogging, calling/VoIP.
Media: Sound, flash, printing, internet radio. This PC is too modest to play movies.
Work: Text processing, spreadsheets (for calculations), drawing, calendar.
Data storage: Internal flash (limited), USB-stick, external media.
Banking: OK, if the bank does not constrain its roll-out. Triodos is an example of a perfectly functioning bank.
Online services: Google, Twitter, Mijn Energieker, and so on!
Startup times: From sleep: 2 sec. Cold start: 2 min, can be reduced to 1,5 min.
Language: English software.
Price: EUR 115 including 19% VAT, or EUR 96.64 excluding VAT. Both cases exclude postage.

Note that the PC is equiped with connections for sound, but that you will need extra hardware to actually use those. The hardware provided is, with the exception of the LAN cable, hardware in a second life.

The computer is provided as a complete set; you only need to connect it to a monitor or VGA-ready television. And you connect it to a network router using the standard cable provided. Normal applications are already installed and ready for use: email, web browsing, text processing, calculations, ... and in addition it is possible to install additional software. All software makes an excellent trade-off between light demands from the PC and powerful functionality. Please visit our store for a test drive.