Information about solar energy

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The Sun provides us with masses of energy, totally free. The only thing you need to do is capture it, and turn it into forms that you can put to use. It will make you less dependent on oil and natural gas. With prices rising sky-high, certainly in the coming years, that can be quite useful.

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The Sun can help to be less subjected to the world around us. Market madness, governmental involvement and immoral behaviour from the original suppliers, you detach from them all. I can (and will) tell from my own experience how well that feels!

That's why GroenGemak organises an informational evening about solar energy, with the help of Alifa. There are bound to be questions, and we would like to answer them all. With some luck there may even arise a group of people who decide to purchase as a group, and get a discount!

On September 9 we will speak about electricity from the Sun. We will start at 19.30, in building De Magneet in Wesselerbrink, Enschede, NL. Everyone with an interest is cordially invited. The evenings will cost EUR 3, including a cup of coffee or tea. For those who are keen to see some preliminary information look at experiences from Enschede itself:


Given an interest, we can plan a similar night about solar heat as well.

GroenGemak is a company in Enschede, NL that greases the wheels of sustainable development, and develop any technology to improve the sustainability of our society. We do not trade in solar energy ourselves, but think our success story is worth telling.

Materials: The slides to this talk are available for download. Potential consumers in Enschede are advised to group under, where parties selling solar energy are not welcomed to keep the initiative with consumers. But for people selling solar energy, is the advised forum -- this is where the cooperations from the local groups will turn for quotes.