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A modest PC for everyone

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After a few years of investigations, GroenGemak does its first move to reduce energy expenditure of computers. We developed a small series of HOME COMPUTERS ON 7 WATT, which are now available for public sale.

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GroenGemak Annual Report 2009

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The year 2009 was a serious startup year for GroenGemak. A lot has happened.

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GroenGemak speaks to the local council of Enschede

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On September 14, 2009, GroenGemak spoke to a delegation of the local council of Enschede, about the future of food supply in the Netherlands and in Enschede.

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Ten times bright green for south Enschede

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When an advisory board for sustainability is setup in south Enschede, I will be happy to add my knowledge and ideas. I did a quick brainstorm to see if I could find ten ideas that would have potential for our community, and easily made it.

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Proper recycling for common households

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The thoughts that spring to mind with recycling are overloaded boxes with flies and a funny smell. This may happen if you don't put much thought into recycling your waste, but with a bit of care and planning it is fairly easy to setup a recycling system that only has benefits.

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Reduced fossil fuel supplies can avoid fuel wars

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Producers of fossil fuels are facing an uncertain future; Peak Oil and global warming make it necessary to switch from fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives, but at what pace? And inhowfar are countries prepared to go to war for the last few drops? Luckily, there is a way out.

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Quick green tips without effort

Free night lights

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In order to light up my garage I started using solar energy.

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Read a book!

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The advantages of reading a book over watching a move are incredible...

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Colourful Pricing

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Economic motivations follow from expressing everything in one monetary unit. This does not always lead to sustainable choices. It might be that a colourful economy works better.

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